It is in Silicon Valley that the origins of a profound innovation dynamic can be traced. Here, the cultures of innovation, social networking and sustainability are coming together for the common benefit of business, people and planet.

For the past few years, California has been laying the groundwork for a new revolution built around a brand new set of technologies (greentech), connections (digital media), ethics, and organizational design.

This is opening up a vast new field of opportunities to change the way businesses not only design and market products and services, but how they think about themselves, their markets, and society itself.

The results are clear: from Apple to Airbnb, from Google to Tesla and Uber, Silicon Valley companies have, despite the recession, experienced significant growth while making radical changes to their identities and business models. They have innovated and transformed the current crisis to their advantage. A new business architecture is taking shape… a new type of enterprise that is simultaneously profitable, more connected to the environment and to emerging societal needs, and more attractive to the best talent, the leaders of the future.

Innovation, social networking and “green growth” expressed themselves together in the redefinition of the concepts of “community”, social responsibility and social commerce. Yesterday’s distinct communities of clients and users, suppliers, employees and citizens now each find a place in a sophisticated, interdependent and dynamic ecosystem with little or no barriers between categories. Employees are customers, users are marketers, and everybody is a citizen. The world’s most successful companies understand, manage and often design these ecosystems deliberately, through their own culture, which places meaning, humanity and responsibility over blind profit-making.

Google, for example, is not only the world’s leader in search and online product development, it has committed millions of dollars every year to research toward the development of “renewable energy cheaper than coal”. And with its $1 billion in endowment, its foundation is working hard toward reducing world poverty.GAP has revamped its brand image and found new meaning through the development of its RED campaign, which benefited poor communities in Africa. Through a multitude of campaigns like this one, Silicon Valley innovators not only change their products and processes, they also place great emphasis on building new brand images and avenues of communication through digital media and around the notions of community, sustainability and meaning.California’s pioneering spirit is not only alive but is laying the groundwork for a new century of radical innovation. We are inviting you to discover the methods of innovation, marketing, communication, ecosystem design and management of a new generation of companies which motto – and destiny – is to change the world.


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