axa seedfactory

Digital might be a cliff for AXA, or an opportunity to reinvent itself. Guillaume Cabrere, AXA Lab Director, gently guides us through AXA initiatives to make innovation percolate from the outside to the inside.

AXA Lab is an innovation scout located in San Francisco: it works on digital sourcing, detecting latest trends, connecting start-ups and major high-tech players (like Facebook or Linkedin) with AXA, fostering Group’s digital culture, and initiating proof of concepts.

It  focuses on:

  • Marketing, acquisition, sales, and distribution activities;
  • Social Networks, Internet of Things, the Collaborative Economy, and Big Data digital domains.

One particular task regards piecing together fragmented trends: AXA Lab sources innovation, both products and services, identifies interesting start-ups which are not yet ‘on the radar’, and shares its findings with various entities including the Group Digital Partnerships team, located in Paris.

Start-ups act like objects in direct connection with market emerging needs.

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