“Seeing these products through won’t be easy.

VR, messaging, and smart assistants are three of the hottest areas of tech; today, Google took big swings at all of them.

The demos were impressive, especially where the intelligence of its Assistant was on display, but the result leaves us with a lot of questions. Will a smart chatbot be enough to surmount the lead of Amazon’s Echo or Facebook’s Messenger? Can Google’s Daydream platform catch up with the Vive and the Rift? Amazon has been aggressive about partnering with other services, and Facebook — well, Facebook is where everyone’s friends already are.

We’ll need a much closer look at the products before we can start to guess at the answers, but in the meantime, Sundar Pichai’s Google has showed it isn’t afraid of making big bets. ”

Mario Queiroz, a VP, started it. He introduced its Home device — “your personal Google around the house” — during the keynote address. “It’s early days,” he said.

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