The ultimate outcome of our work is successful organizational change, enabling your organization to exceed the expectations of its customers, employees, shareholders and communities.
The process of change begins with a wake-up call at the individual and organizational level. We strengthen your ability to “walk the talk” of change, individually, as a team and as an organization.

When your organization needs to develop a compelling vision and strategic direction in a way that secures full alignment of people, we offer a uniquely effective Strategic Visioning process.

The purpose of this process is to clearly define the vision and strategic direction of your organization at this point in its growth while creating the conditions that will secure the commitment and satisfaction of people.

By the end of this process:

  • A clear, compelling vision and strategic direction for the organization has been identified and shared by key stakeholders (CEO, Board, Executive team, Employees)
  • An exciting story about the organization will have emerged
  • key stakeholders will be aligned on both strategic direction and key steps for implementation
  • A new energy and commitment to the future will be experienced by all contributors


  • The strategic direction of the organization is not in question any longer
  • People are focused on the best ways to implement the strategic direction
  • There’s a greater satisfaction of everyone and a sense of sharing an exciting journey
  • A renewed sense of purpose, motivation and cohesiveness can be observed at all levels of the organization
  • New stakeholders want to contribute to the success of the organization

We use a combination of online work and face-to-face session to accomplish great outcomes for the benefit of your organization.

Successful and sustainable organizational change only occurs when executives and entrepreneurs  are willing to increase awareness and modify their own perspectives and habits. RealChange helps you “jump start” the larger process of organizational change by first enhancing your own versatility and ability to change from the inside. Our programs in leadership development and personal change have earned high praise not only for their effectiveness but also for their relevance to the whole person. You are the first organization you must master.

The Leadership Renewal Program offers a unique approach to renewal and re-energizing while on the job. The negative impacts of stress are accumulative over time. Unconscious stress reactions limit our effectiveness, our ability to change and create burnout. Being able to choose your response rather than simply react out of habit requires learning how to work with your body as well as your mind. Our methodology developed from the martial arts will simultaneously transform your experience of stress and expand your capacity to be a leader of change.

You will learn practices that facilitate your capacity to change and regenerate from the inside:

  • Identify your stress reactions (body & mind)
  • Learn how to deal with resistance to change
  • Fight/flight Syndrome—instinctual, unconscious level of reaction
  • Discover your leadership style (strengths and limitations)
  • Develop versatility – 4 Leadership Strategies
  • Move from habit to choice Become aware of the non-verbal dimension of leadership

“I feel now serenity and power to face the new challenges I have in front of me.”
-Brigitte Auffret Senior VP Manutan International

“Crystal’s approach to leadership coaching truly works for me. She bridges the gap between awareness of an issue and making real changes in behavior. I have a tendency toward skepticism, and I am delighted that I find no place for it in my work with Crystal. She doesn’t aspire to understand every nuance of my life looking backward, rather, she helps me center and empower my life today. It is this focus that makes our time together effective.!”
-Jeff Mendelsohn, CEO- New Leaf Paper.