Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley

Beyond RealChange expeditions, one of the most effective tools to benefit from the innovations coming from Silicon Valley is to launch an innovation outpost.

Innovation Outpost Center

Being present in Silicon Valley is a unique opportunity for any company that wants concrete innovation and direct commercial value. Innovation outposts in Silicon Valley have allowed their parent company to make significant technological advances offer a direct competitive advantage and bring considerable financial value.

Launching an outpost in Silicon Valley however is a challenging task, especially without direct experience of the local environment and awareness of best practices.

Renault Innovation Silicon Valley

Why launch an innovation center in Silicon Valley? How do you secure innovation returns for the parent company?? How should it be structured?

We help our clients answer these questions and benefit from the knowledge and experience of multiple innovation outposts who have settled in Silicon Valley over the years and that we work with regularly.

We represent and assist our clients in the successful launch and operation of a Silicon Valley outpost.

Services d’antennes d’innovation (innovation outposts)

Benchmark studies on best practices of successful innovation centers in Silicon Valley

Identification of the type of innovation outposts most relevant for the parent company

(outpost, R & D center, corporate venture, project-oriented innovation center)

Administrative creation of the outpost

office space, legal structure, employment contracts, human resources, recruitment of the best profiles

Connection to the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley

corporate innovation labs, startups, accelerators and incubators, VCs, university labs, research institutes, industry groups, networking associations

Accompany the launch of the innovation outpost

definition of deliverables, optimal relationship with the parent organization, communication protocol, newsletters, publications, and reports, orientation and training of the team

Organization of business visits and learning expeditions to the benefit of the parent organization