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Positive Disruption

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For the past 23 years, our unique Learning Journeys have given our clients
the inspiration and the tools needed to reinvent their companies

Connect at the source with the trends, technologies, leaders and companies
who will fuel your company’s success tomorrow.

Learning Journeys
Partners in California
Participants changing the world

Our Mission : We connect global companies
with the best of the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem
and help their leaders innovate successfully as a result.

immersion innovation californie

By offering a unique immersion into Northern California’s innovation culture

By connecting you with
the most influential players
in Silicon Valley

acteurs de la Silicon Valley
Approches performantes

By leveraging a powerful and proven methodology of positive change


Open innovation
Startup Culture

Digital Transformation Exponential technologies

Innovation by design
The Maker movement

Sustainability and Social Impact

Industry 4.0 & Agile manufacturing

Methods of creative and impactful innovation

Keys to collaborative innovation and teamwork

Meet entrepreneurs, disruptive innovation leaders

You will greatly benefit if:

Value of a RealChange Learning Journey

A powerful engine for the ownership and acceleration of positive change within your organization.

An accelerator of your organization’s’ capacity for innovation.

A process that helps save a significant amount of time in the leadership development process through direct learning with world leaders in innovation.

Access to a new source of business value for your organization