Way beyond team building, RealChange showed us the way to build the trust and maturity it takes to grow both the business and people
Greg Steltenhpohl, Odwalla Founder, USA
Without Real Change, we would have wasted a lot of time and money, wrestling with the wrong issues. Very quickly Christian and his team moved us from a place of chaos to one of clarity, focus and real excitement about the future. We went from “good idea” to “thriving business” far faster than I would have expected and that’s due, in large part, to our work with RealChange.
David Bernard, CEO, Mythmaker, USA
New Leaf Paper hired Christian to facilitate our company retreat less than one week before the event. We had our most productive and impactful company retreat ever and his participation was critical to our success. Our management team continues to work with Christian to help us follow through on the outcomes of the retreat, and to help me work through leadership challenges as New Leaf Paper is evolving into a sizable corporation. Christian is honest, wholistic, and level-headed in his work.
Jeff Mendelsohn, CEO, New Leaf Paper
[I have learned] to be more aware of what changes do to me and to others. [I have learned] how I can deal with the reactions and how I can positively influence that by changing attitude and getting away from habit.
An insightful, open minding journey, into technology and a different culture.
Giangaddo Prati, CFO/CIO, BARILLA
It opened eyes and inspired to: the dynamic going on in Silicon Valley, the importance of an inspiring mission to energize millenials, the possibility to steer innovation as a process.
Jan de Witte, CEO, BARCO
An insightful, energising and at times emotional journey through the life and culture of Silicon Valley. I will benefit personall from their outlook but so will my family and my business.
Mark Mamone, CTO/CIO, SERCO
A combination of inspiration, vision and practical implementation.
Peter Bjork, VP Strategy, SKANSKA
An incredible experience, a quality excerpt of the American vision that motivated me to take my goals for performance and sustainability to a new level. LEAN for GREEN!
Jean-Yves Krumenacher, Director of Purchasing/Procurement, Evian-Volvic Sources
I experienced that radical change is possible, that some companies are going through it, and that tools exist; it is up to you to make it happen.
Jean-Marc DEVAL, Senior Vice President, GEC ALSTHOM PGD, FRANCE & U.K.
RealChange has been instrumental in the development of not only an effective management team but a more engaged and inspired membership organization. Thanks to the guidance of Christian and Crystal Forthomme, Social Venture Network (SVN) operates at a much higher strategic level. In addition, our team now has the tools to make better quality decisions and is able to work more effectively and efficiently. We have a deep sense of gratitude for the essential work that Real Change is doing with SVN and in the world.
Pamela Chaloult, Co-Executive Director, Social Venture Network
RealChange provides an unusual and interactive program for forging high efficiency teams in a safe and rapid learning environment. Real Change helped me to build several highly efficient project teams at Bayer Corp. and Genentech Inc. We applied the methods taught by Real Change throughout the projects and increased team productivity substantially.
Frank Menkel, Ph.D. Associate Director Strategic Planning Supply Chain Management Genentech, Inc
Christian has the potential to change the world, and the will to make this unique gift available to many. We enjoy this unique combination within SiliconFrench (www.siliconfrench.com), to educate ourselves and others about sustainable development and how we can all contribute to it. Christian’s passion and group leadership trigger very lively and creative discussions, as well as foster stakeholders’ participation and creativity. Christian has an exceptional ability to mix out-of-the-box thinking with a structured and pragmatic approach, maintaining an interesting and invaluable balance between short and long term actions. An amazing and powerful “engine” to implement organizational change!
Jean Pommier, Distinguished Enginer & CTO- IBM.